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We are manufacturers of Sterile Surgical Gloves located in Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kerala, India. The prime objective of Special Economic Zone was to enhance foreign investment and provide an internationally competitive and hassle free environment for exports. The idea was to promote exports from the country by proving benefits to be internationally competitive.



Latex Powder Free Surgical Gloves offer exceptional dexterity, enhanced comfort and flexibility, and high tensile strength. The natural rubber latex protein content in these gloves is minimal, reducing skin allergies. It has a micro roughened surface for better instrument gripping.

Gloves are anatomic in shape and fit perfectly to the surgeon’s hand enabling him to get a better grip and functionality while performing surgery. Powder free gloves are manufactured with a sophisticated automatic Polymer Coating technique for consistent quality. They have micro rough surface so that surgeons get extra grip and also have beaded cuff for secure fit.


Our Creative Founders.

Precision is what we believe in. Best quality product manufacturer in the region since 2008. Its a family business and we are a family. Setting high standards in the quality in a convenient cost and accessible manner. We are equipped with latest technology which helps us continue the supply with consistent quality.

Managing Director
Xavier Moolayil
Executive Director
Boney Moolayil

We At Beta



We have an overall experience of more than 15 years serving the best quality products with the best services.



More than 200 elite medical distributers all across the world with genuine work and marketing strategy.



We are serving more than 600 hospitals across the world.

Pharmaceutical Companies


We are serving more than 150 pharmaceutical companies across the world.

Jaroslaw Jozefowicz

Poland, Romania, Hungary.

“Beta Healthcare surgical gloves are a perfect choice for superior protection and performance. With Health Practitioners and Surgeons approving and reordering from multiple countries, there is no doubton its quality and reliability. The services from Beta has always been top notch. Definitely recommend their products.”

Mounia Bekatrina


It is paramount to ensure the surgical team is secured and protected. Having purchased gloves from Beta Healthcare we are double sure that our team keeps safe and enjoys the best of the first line ofdefense. Thank you for the top-quality product and service.

Youval Klechevsky


Have been ordering from Beta for over a decade now. It's amazing the standards they keep on the product, the kind of professionalism they add to the brand, and the value they give to their customers.It keeps me coming back to them. It’s a no-brainer not to recommend them.

Mathieu Roturier


Beta Healthcare provides one of the best gloves and related products. Getting a brand that delivers quality, time and again is priceless. I will surely recommend.

Rakesh Rewachanda

South Africa

Their Surgical Gloves are a safe bet. We get repeat orders from our valued health care team all across the country. Great product and a great brand to work with.

​Customer Reviews

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